Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 tips for cooking with kids

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cooking with kids can be a fun way to bond, learn, and have fun. if you'd like to spend time in the kitchen creating yummy snacks with your child, try these easy steps.

first things first
good hygiene is important when working in the kitchen. help kiddos with long hair (like my boy) get it pulled back into a ponytail. after that, hands can be washed and the cooking can begin!

teach safety
i've set restrictions in regards to stove/oven use.  Bear gets to use safe utensils (we use butter knives instead of paring). while they may need a step up to see what is happening on the countertop, make sure that it is sturdy to prevent falls.

start simple
choose something that gives them the most opportunity to help.  if the recipe requires alot of adult participation, little attention spans may start to wander. some easy recipes are: snack mix, hamburger bun pizzas, or fruit salad (as seen in this post)

allow choices
try to use a recipe that allows for children to choose what they'd like to include. the choices listed above are great options as if numerous children are cooking, they can choose what ingredients go in their own food (i.e. no pineapple in fruit salad).

go healthy
getting children involved in the preparation of healthy foods actually makes them more apt to eat it. promotion of healthy eating habits can help establish nutritional food choices for life.

don't stress over the mess
spills and food slips will happen. you can have the kiddo help clean them up and move on. no use crying over spilled milk, right?

enjoy your food
after preparation, sit down and enjoy what you've made. talk with them about your experience and brainstorm what you could make next! 
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