Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chalk a Story from Making Boys Men

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sometimes there is something that you see on a blog that catches your eye. the first time i visited Making Boys Men i noticed that under every post, Hannah gives her readers a Mess Rating of 1, 2, or 3 paint splat icons. here are my faves... 1 splat: Window Painting, 2 splat: DIY Scratch Art, 3 splat: Spaghetti Painting.


Hi, I'm Hannah from Making Boys Men and I'm delighted to be guest posting here at Crayon Freckles. Crayon Freckles was one of the first kids craft blogs I started to read and Andie has been a huge help to me as a novice blogger so it's a real privilege!

I have three boys and a while ago I had a rare moment alone with just the oldest, Bud who's 4. I let him choose what he wanted to do and he requested some chalk drawing outside.

So, following his lead we started drawing and he started to tell me what to draw and began creating a story around the picture (if you squint hard you'll see some trees, a river then at the top a park & a school!). Next up he wanted some children to walk to school so inspired by the chalkboard people at Picklebums and Nuturestore we decided to make some chalk people on stones.

He started chalking people on some large stones we had in the garden and I created some houses as requested.

Here's our expanding playscene...

.... and here's a close up.

It was great to have him completely direct our playtime and also fun to see how great he is at story telling, this inspired a whole heap of imaginary play and was a nice one on one moment. Making a mental note now to create more one on one time with each boy.... who knows where it might lead!

Hannah is a British stay at home Mum to three boys under 5. She blogs over at Making Boys Men sharing their play, outdoor fun, art, crafts and general adventures. Making Boys Men can also be found on Facebook and Pinterest

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