Monday, November 12, 2012

in {her} shoes...Renee

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i've just recently met Renne through the Kids Blogger Network.  i'm so happy that i've finally gotten a chance to work with her.  her blog is the cutest... the name, her son Dimples, his dimples...everything.  some great posts from her are: Family Tree: Our Landmark, and Monster Slime Mess

I rarely wear shoes! Don't ask me why. I prefer to stand bare footed inside and out, beach or bush.
Of course I own shoes, I have to wear them when I go shopping and take my 3 year old son Dimples to the park or where ever our Adventures take us.

So as you may have guessed based on my foot wear, life in my bare feet is usually messy, rough and unpredicted. I’d quickly just like to thank Andie for inviting me to take part in this wonderful “in her shoes” series, I love getting to know bloggers on a more personal level.
Hi there, I am Renee. I am . . . many things at the moment! Shall I start with Super Women? Just kidding, that is so far from the truth.  I am a Stay at home Mum to a funny and playful 3 yr. old 'Dimples', I am also expecting a girl in March 2013, I am Australian, I am a psychology student, my partner and I run a small business through the week and a farm property every other day and I love to blog about my Adventures with my very lovable son at Adventures at Home with Mum.

My Adventures as a Mum:
I feel my role as stay at home mum is the most important and my choice to be a mum takes priority. Everything else is a bit of a juggling act where something usually gets neglected (like the huge pile of laundry sitting at the foot of the bed that I have to sort). But that’s ok because the floors and the bathrooms can wait! Life with my boy won’t.

I strive to parent Dimples in a positive, unconditional, happy and loving environment. I would describe my mama-self as hands on, involved, messy, playful and creative that Dimples loves.

I have started a positive parenting journey which I feel is an ongoing process. You can never learn enough when it comes to your child so I am always seeking ways to better my parenting and myself. I often feel alone because positive parenting, yes-parenting, attachment parenting gentle discipline etc. are relatively new. I wasn't parented this way and neither was Adventures Dad so it is tough breaking the cycle and learning new ways to parent that aren't instinctual and don't come naturally.
It's a learning curve but I want to be comfortable with my parenting and know that I have done everything I feel is right by Dimples. That I have provided him with fun learning experiences and given him plenty of opportunities to grow, take lead, find interests and enjoy his childhood despite what others may think of my choice.  I am not perfect and find parenting the way I want to really challenging at times (I think that goes back to breaking the cycle again).

Adventures Mum Challenges:
I really wish I could say yes all the time, keep my cool and speak like an angel, never raising my voice and have Dimples skip along his day obeying every request while being a sweet happy well behaved darling.
That is definitely not the reality. He likes to get his own way (I wonder where he could have got that from?) he can be very persistent and stubborn at times. I think he is an especially strong willed little man and for that reason he likes to try to set his own boundaries. Boy does he try! The most recent excuse was "But I can't pick up my toys because I have a broken leg" as he lay flat on the floor holding one leg. Drama-King! There are the times where Dimples requests and excuses are just so imaginative and enthusiastic that it’s difficult for me to stay consistent and not give in to his adorability or break out in laughter at a very serious moment.
Being tested and pushed while remaining calm, gentle, non-punitive, non-threatening, no bribes or trickery and using natural consequences remains my biggest challenge. It is something I will always have to work on and be conscious about.  I think it’s important to remember that we all have bad days and there are always chances to better our parenting.

Adventures that make being a Mum complete me:
My best Friend told me when I was pregnant with Dimples that the good times always outweigh the tough times. This is true. No matter how challenging our day has been, the overwhelming love, closeness and happiness I feel as a mum snuggling up to her boy reading a good night story makes me forget about the extra frowning wrinkle I gained on that bad day. Tomorrow is a new day, let’s make it a better one and learn from the mistakes of today.
We do have lots of fun adventures and I love doing creative, messy, hands on play with Dimples. It is a joy watching him learn and grow. I love his imagination and some of the faces he pulls; I could watch him all day every day, who needs TV when you have a child? The lessons he brings to my life and the “completeness” I feel, outweighs any bad day by far and I can't imagine a life any other way.
There are the special moments that you wish you could capture forever, or pause. Like Dimples pleas to go for a walk to the park when it was windy as hell outside and predicted heavy rain, after begging and every excuse he could throw at me he grabs my hand all ready to walk out the door with his rain coat and beanie on.  He looks up with the most excited and expressional face, he says squeezing my hand so tight "don't worry Mummy I will hold your hand tight so you won't blow away in the wind ok?" that convinced me.


Values of Adventures Mum:
It is important for me to encourage Dimples self-esteem. I am a very shy withdrawn person, and so is he. I think this is fine and a good personality trait as long as you are happy with whom you are. So I think it is essential for him to have confidence and faith in himself and believe in his abilities so that his timid personality doesn’t ever stop him from trying new things, meeting new people, achieving goals or from standing up for himself.
Another important value I hope to instil in him is a positive attitude. If I were to draw a mind map, brain storm of what I hope for Dimples there would be "positive" in the centre which pretty much regulates everything else; giving, caring, open minded, confident, non-judgmental, happy, affectionate, thankful, considerate, strong hearted, emotionally regulated, healthy, ambitious, helpful, funny, kind, resourceful, willing, strong initiative, and able to look at the bright side of things no matter how bad they might seem “because there is always someone who is worse off and would do anything to be in your shoes just for a day”.  

Adventures Mum in the eyes of Dimples:
"Fun, Cuddly, Mumma”.  The first thing Dimples said was that I am a girl, I go like this . . . (He flutters his eye lashes at rapid speed doing his girl look) and I have flowers in my hair and I have a big belly. After asking him to close his eyes and what he thinks Mummy is on the inside, not right now but all the time, he came up with a few.   By the way, I do not flutter my eyelashes like an old style soap-star.


Thanks so much for reading what it is like to live in my shoes, I hope you get a chance to check out some of the Adventures that Dimples and I get up to over at my blog.
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