Thursday, November 8, 2012

Revolution 46: Cool Kids Shirts

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i'm so excited to announce our featured sponsor for the month of november: 
Ultra COOL Big Brother & Baby Announcement T-Shirts
Revolution 46
i'm a sucker for shirts with something to say.  that's why when i first saw REVOLUTION 46's website, i fell in love with lots of the shirts...especially the mustache ones.  their designs are available in several different color t-shirts and are created for both boys and girls. 

here are a few of my faves:

 If you Mustache I'm a Girl Onesie                        I've Got Dirt...               
               (available in boy, also)                   I'm Going To Be a Big Brother     

Big Sister Rainbow T-shirt                    2nd Grade Rocks Shirt  

if there is ever another little one in our house, one of these shirts is going to be the way that we tell the news to our friends and family!  but in the meantime, i ordered Bear a fun little brother shirt! 
will post on that soon!
shop REVOLUTION 46 here and or visit them on Facebook.

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**this is a sponsored post**
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