Friday, November 30, 2012

space alien name art activity

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 Bear {4 yrs} can spell his name aloud and recognize it in written form.  so, it’s time to start working on learning to write his name.  {please note that the following project was done twice.  once with his real name and once with his nickname for blog purposes… and he was thrilled to do two of them!}

to start off, i folded two pieces of construction paper in half and wrote each of our names on them.  then i cut out around the names.  once the papers were opened up, it provided the shape that our aliens would be.  this was the only part of the activity that was structured.  after this, Bear had full control over what materials to use and how to use them.  i set out a large tray full of various craft supplies for us to choose from. 

decorating the name aliens was fun for both of us… every now and then i actually make my own version of projects with Bear.  for the longest time, i stopped because he strived to make his look just like mine.  this only caused frustration for him and a bit of heartbreak for me. 

once they were done and the glue dried, we put them up in our preschool area.

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