Friday, November 2, 2012

Sukkah decorations from Delicate Constructions

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i'm so happy to have one of my favorite bloggers guest posting today.  i "met" Michelle very early into my blogging.  she is beyond sweet, and always has a friendly, encouraging word.  she's one of those women i think that i could sit down for a cup of coffee with and talk for hours.  i loved her awesome Lego Birthday Party post and was amazed at her $2 Stenciled Ombre Door Mat. i hope that you enjoy reading about the amazing celebration in this post as much as i did.  

Hey all, this is Michelle and I blog over at Delicate Construction!!

I am so glad to be here today, I love Andie and she is one of my favorite bloggers ever!!!

I am a wife to a wonderful husband, mommy to a fabulous 2 and a half year old and caregiver to a fantastic young man with fragile x who lives with us full time. I am also a preschool teacher and graduate student so I am busy like many of you!

That doesn't mean we can't carve out a few moments to get our craft on with the kids! I was presented with the perfect opportunity to make a bunch of fall crafts with the students in my class (and then with Avery, my daughter  at home) to decorate the sukkah at our preschool. I teach at our synagogue's preschool and every year in the fall is a holiday called Sukkot and for this holiday you build a temporary booth with 3 walls and a roof made of branches or palms, anything that allows you to still see through the top. It is one of my favorite holidays because the sukkah is cool itself but it is so much fun to decorate with kid's crafts!

Sukkah aside, these projects would be great to decorate around any house, classroom, party or table during the fall season!

First, here are some of the pictures of our sukkah at the synagogue, it is rather large because there are big parties in it during this time of year but they are made much smaller at home.

Here is a view from the outside, the decorating is not totally finished in any of the photos, much more will be put up!

And a couple shots of the inside:

And on to the decorations!

We made paper lanterns, just take any painting, fold in half and cut slits through the fold almost all the way up and then open. Take another piece of paper and cut two inches off the height and then turn it in a tube to staple at the top and the bottom. Then line the cut artwork up with the top and the bottom, wrap around and staple again. Hold punch and add some string to hang.

Glitter pine cones, amazing and adorable. You could hang with string, make a mobile, fill a bowl, use down a centerpiece, anything!

Sparkly paper plates, these would be fun outdoors, I just let the children paint two heavy duty paper plates and then glitter the daylights out of them. Then I hole punched and hung them.

These another teacher at work came up with, they are the trays that hold apples in the large boxes cut to look like a bunch of grapes and then covered with gold glitter. Then some leaves cut and stapled on top- too cute!

Apple garland, this is a sweet project that can be done for any fruit or veggie. Just cut a shape, provide tissue paper for collage and then hole punch, string and hang.


Paper plate fruits, this is easy and can be modified to any plate shape or paint color for any fruit! Just put out some paint for the child to paint the plate and when it is dry, cut into the desired shape and add leaves if needed! These were hung from the roof as well!

Last, probably my favorite of all- wooden pumpkins!! These were made from scrap pieces of wood that the children painted orange with rollers and then I added spray painted wine corks hot glued to the top with a piece of green curling ribbon. Together they look like a little pumpkin patch!

 Thanks so much Andie for having me here today and I hope to see you all around Delicate Construction soon!! If you are a new follower, make sure to let me know so I can follow you back!!

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