Wednesday, December 19, 2012

frosty writing practice

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Bear {4 yrs} loves to practice writing the alphabet, but sometimes the traditional approach of paper and pencil gets dull and unexciting.  so i've tried to find other materials that we can use for him to practice with.  on a cold night not too long ago, it hit me...  this easy and cheap way to add some winter excitement to his letter writing. 
i bought a can of spray snow at the craft store for $3.50.  i sprayed it on the outside of the window.  after it dried, i used gloved hands to write the alphabet in it.  because i was on the outside, i had to write all the letters backwards {that's why my handwriting is a bit off in the picture}

by spraying the fake snow on the outside of the window, it allows Bear to practice writing his letters by tracing them on the window.  in this instance, he used Crayola window markers {which we love because of how easily they clean off of the windows}.  and when he's done, all he has to do is wipe them off with a handi-wipe and he's all set to go again.
notice the left-handed grasp?  find out more about teaching a left-handed child

i plan to clean the spray snow off in a about a week so that he can practice writing his name and numbers.  this would even work for practice in drawing shapes. 

here are some other ways that we've explored writing and the alphabet:
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