Thursday, December 6, 2012

our homemade {kleenex} box car

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recently Pip (my 16 yr old) got an assignment for her science class to make a box car that could be powered by a balloon.  while we were brainstorming, i can up with a great idea that she didn't think would work.  {moms never know, right?}  Bear thought it sounded like a super-fun idea, so the next day, we made our own box car using the items below:
to create the axle, we got the placement for the CD wheels marked on the sides and cut an x in the side of the box using a knife. {obviously i did this step} then Bear stuck a thin marker in each hole.  it was secured on the inside and outside with a rubber band.  
then it was time to put the wheels on.  Bear's dad is away for work, so the dollhouse dad helped.  i thought this was pretty precious.  after they were on, we secured the outside with more rubber bands.   

here is the final product:  
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