Tuesday, January 29, 2013

garbage truck video for preschoolers

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garbage trucks.  what's the fascination that some kids have with these smelly, germ-ridden vehicles?  the answer to that question eludes me.  ever since Bear could walk, he goes haulin' to the window when he hears one coming up the street.  now, we have 3 different trash companies that service our street, and both have recyclable and trash trucks.  that makes 6 different trucks.  and they each go up, then down the street.  that's 12 garbage truck drive-bys per week.  you'd think it would get old, right?  in case you missed it, check out the fun garbage truck learning activities we covered yesterday.
some interesting facts we've found out about garbage trucks....
  • in some countries there are garbage trucks that play music to let residents know that it's time to bring down their trash.
  • there are approximately 179,000 garbage trucks in the united states source
  • names around the world for garbage trucks include: lorry, bin wagon, sanitation truck, and dustcart.

i think that we've watched about 50 different videos on garbage trucks from around the internet.

so with the help of some friends, we made our own garbage truck video.  *and* it's on our new YouTube Channel.

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