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Milestones in Literacy Development from Stay At Home Educator

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Milestones in Literacy Development
While most children learn to read by age seven, the development of literacy begins in infancy. Learning to read is an intricate process that is built the understanding of the English language and its structures. This process is systematic and follows predictable stages of development. Infancy
  • reaches for books
  • enjoys bright contrasting colors and pictures of faces
  • looks at and pats pictures
  • turns board book pages with help
  • carries books
  • points when asked, "Where's..."
  • brings books to adult to read
  • looks at books independently
  • names familiar objects
  • handles pages appropriately
  • turns pages one at a time
  • holds book properly
  • listens to longer stories
  • enjoys a wider variety of topics
  • understands what text is
  • "reads" books by retelling familiar stories
  • searches for favorite parts of stories or favorite illustrations
What parents can do to encourage literacy development:
  • Allow your child to hold books while reading together.
  • Point out details in illustrations and name them.
  • Read to your child when prompted by your little one.
  • Encourage your child to participate in reading by competing predictable sentences or retelling a story.
  • Reread the same story over and over.
  • Relate stories to child's personal experiences.
  • Encourage reading and writing.
  • Ask your child open-ended questions while reading aloud.
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