Wednesday, January 16, 2013

REVOLUTION46 brother and sister shirts

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the featured sponsor of Crayon Freckles for January has brought some smiles to our house. 
Ultra COOL Big Brother & Baby Announcement T-Shirts
all of their shirts are handmade to order using eco-friendly water based dyes and 100% preshrunk cotton shirts that are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. {they even have onesies}

when i saw this shirt i knew that my little superhero had to have it with Lil Bro put on it.  for Christmas each year, we all make a present for each other.  this year, Bear wanted to get his big sister a matching shirt to go with his. 

both shirts have been washed and worn numerous times and still look as good as the day we got them.  i really wanted to get a picture of the kids in these together, but Pip's hours have been crazy, and i've not been able to :(

shop REVOLUTION 46 here and or visit them on Facebook.

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