Thursday, January 3, 2013

winter sensory bin: bringing the snow inside

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we got a huge amount of snow about a week ago.  i couldn't take Bear outside to play in the snow because the windchills were below zero degrees.  for two days, i watched his little blonde head pressed against the window longingly.  he sooooo wanted to go outside and play.  so i did the next best thing:
i brought the snow inside.
i used a large under the bed storage bin (this is what we normally use for our sensory bins).  i took it outside, froze my buttinski off, and filled it with snow.  to keep the bin from sliding around on our plastic table, i placed those gripper circles that are made to open cans underneath it.  i also put a blanket out on the floor to soak up any dropped snow.  
Bear seemed to really enjoy playing in the snow.  he wore gloves to keep his little hands warm.  we added in some toy trucks for added pretend play.  his favorite activity, though, was making a snow man using measuring cups filled with snow.
i'm pretty sure that when we're faced with snowy weather again, this activity will be repeated.  so if you've got cold weather like we do, bringing the outside in is always an option... and guaranteed fun! 
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