Wednesday, February 13, 2013

car phonics: file folder game for preschoolers

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i saw this alphabet car game from Little Family fun on pinterest and immediately got an idea on how i could adapt it for Bear's {4 yrs} current interest in phonics and learning to read. 
file folder games for preschoolers are great resources because they can often be made without too much time and materials.  and if laminated, they are durable for use over and over.  i'm so sorry that i don't have a pictorial tutorial for this one, i tend to get in the zone and forget about things like that.  i was in such a hurry to make it for Bear because i *knew* that he would love it!  and i was right!
here's a little breakdown for how i made it.  first, i glued the patterned paper and the car shape on the right side of the file folder and the envelopes on the left side.  then i used self-laminating sheets to laminate both sides of the file folder, inside and out, folding the outside laminating edges over to the inside.  to make the envelopes be able to open, i carefully used a craft blade to slice along the opening lines.  then i created a word doc with shape art circles.  you can get my template for that here.  after i had cut them out, i realized that it might have been easier to use my Silhouette Cameo to cut all of the circles out for me.  oops...

to start with, i labeled the pieces with: letters a-z, ig, et, ee, at, ut, ar, og, and oo. 

after that, we worked through all of the ending sounds {at Bear's request, i should add}.  after introducing each ending sound, such as -at, he was able to switch out the beginning sounds to create the words: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, and sat.  we continued doing this for the rest of the activity.
this car phonics file folder game seems to be quite fun for Bear and challenge him at the same time. it's definitely one of his favorite activities to do during our preschool time right now.  i posted about our octopus math file folder game yesterday.  i've also made him a size sorting file folder game based on the book The Perfect Nest.  if you've made any file folder games for your kiddos/students, i'd love if you left the links in the comments section so i can check them out and pin them to my file folder games pinterest board.
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