Monday, February 18, 2013

Kids Spell it Out: Pets Talk

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welcome to the Kids Spell It Out series! every monday will be a post filled with funny and adorable answers that kidlets give to questions. this week's question is:

If your pet could talk, what what it say?
He would tell me if it was too cold or warm, or if he'd want some belly rubs.
Aikman {6} Montessori Tidbits

I want to catch a firefighter jeep so I can have lots of fun at kitty parties in Lego City.
Bear {4} Crayon Freckles

I love you.  Okay, goodbye.
Aiden {4} True Aim Education

Can I have more food, please? I haven’t eaten for days!
Savannah {8}

Hello! Bloop, bloop...  (about his fish)
Sawyer {6} B-Inspired Mama

Welcome home! I love you! I like that bag! Did you have a good day? I had a good day! Now pet me!
D {5} The Usual Mayhem

I want chips, please!
Aiden {4} The Chirping Moms

He would say, "Meow!".
Sweet Pea {3.5} The Iowa Farmer's Wife

Hi.  Play with me.
Sammie {4.5} Two Big, Two Little

If he could talk when he first came, he would say "hello!" And when I play with him, he would say "play, play play!" And when he wanted food, he would say "Feed me! Feed me!"
R {5} Childhood Beckons

Jossi {2} True Aim Education

Ooh! I like fish food, but will you pweese clean my water so I can drink it?
Aiden {4}

I want food.
Aidan {5} Little Moments to Embrace

When I go to Nana's house she (our dog) would say " miss Maddie."
Maddie {4} Learn With Play at Home 
He [the dog] would say to the chickens "I will eat you".
Dominic {5}

Audrey {5} True Aim Education

I want some food.
Tristan {5}

Hello! Welcome to the dog land!
Priscilla {4} B-Inspired Mama

I want a sunflower seed. {about a bird}
Nico {3} Glittering Muffins

Can I be your friend?
Lexi {4} True Aim Education

I don’t know. Fish can’t speak.
Carter {6}

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