Tuesday, February 26, 2013

more Little Blue Truck activities

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a few weeks ago, i shared activities for The Little Blue Truck Leads the Way.  since then, Bear {4 yrs} wanted to do an activity with the original Little Blue Truck big book.

we dug through all of our plastic animals and found one to represent each animal in the book.  we used our blue truck from the other activity and were lucky enough that one of our 8 dumptrucks was yellow.  as we read the book, Bear lined up the animals behind the trucks just like in the book.

then we moved onto a phonics activity.  these milk caps and flash cards are one of Bear's favorite activities to do.  so i try to use them in ways that relate to what we're talking about.  this time, i pulled out flashcards that corresponded with the book.  they were the hen, pig, and farm cards.
then Bear did some sensory play with coffee (to represent the mud in the book).  this is another sensory activity that he enjoys, though we don't do it often.  i generally use coffee from the dollar store so that it's not too costly.  a bonus of this is that the kitchen/dining/living rooms smell good afterward. 

it would be fun to do these activities in conjunction with the activities for the book The Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, sort of like a book double feature...  we just might need to try that one day. 
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