Saturday, February 23, 2013

preschool Bible activities: Boaz & Ruth

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in our preschool Sunday school class, we recently talked about the story of Boaz, Ruth, and Naomi.  the main point that we covered was that God is made happy when we show kindness to others. 
Boaz & Ruth craft
we made loving heart suncatcher.  prep was pretty straightforward, i cut a heart shape outside of a piece of construction paper, squares out of tissue paper, and a cross out of white paper for each child.  i also cut out two pieces of clear contact paper for each child that were the same size as the construction paper.
our class has kiddos ages 2-3 in this, so this served as a great project to teach about sharing God's love with others for all of them.  contact paper collages can be tricky because little hands can get stuck to it and pull it off the table.  to help with this, i tape the bottom page down on the table sticky side up.  then they were able to put their paper on the sticky side without it moving all around.
 on the finished product, i gave each child a small slip of paper that said
"Boaz and Ruth were kind to others.  I please God when I am kind."
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