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Sometimes I Pee When I Laugh: The Truth About the Post-Baby Body

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Sorry if this is TMI....
But due to a recent pinterest post laugh-induced kegel failure, I had to find comfort in my fellow mommas who also sometimes have little leaks when they laugh.   

In case you're wondering, you can see the pin here... It's on auto-correct blunders **be forewarned, there are naughty words and references**
So yes, I'm publicly admitting that sometimes I pee when I laugh,
but I also wanted to ask fellow bloggers and readers about this:
What's something that no one told you
would happen to your post-baby body?

Here are the answers:

About Kegels/Pelvic floor
You will never cough or sneeze again without fear.   

After having three children, I cannot sneeze or jump without peeing my pants!! I HAVE to cross my legs to sneeze... and my sister and I both laugh (she has had 4 kids) about how we have to work out before we've had much to drink, or forget it! We'd be pausing to run to the washroom every time we had to do jumping jacks. At least we can laugh about it together!  But they are worth it right?  The kids...not the jumping jacks.

I thought my pelvic floor muscles were ok until a recent play date at a trampoline park! I guess carrying twins has lasting effects, even if you had a c-section! Next time I'm bringing a diaper bag...for myself

That I [would] still wake up nightly to pee. Evidently a post baby bladder cannot hold at all.

Mommy Boobs
I lost weight, but I also lost 3 cup sizes from pre-pregnancy to now!
Although your breasts are the same size, and your old bras fit, they are definitely NOT the same when it's off!
Your boobs will never be the same, especially if you breastfeed....shrunk and deflated.

The Pooch
That squishy belly that never quite goes away! 

If you have a c section, the little pouch that is formed by the scar tucking your belly in will never go away, you will always look like your belly is hanging over your trousers. (The Monko)

And my tummy looks just amazing after the stretch marks and 2 c-sections.

After my third baby, things must have shifted a bit inside... odd as that may sound, I actually like my stomach more NOW that I've had three kids than I did before... when I always had more of a pooch tummy below my belly button!

So true on the belly thing from above...and very annoying, keep getting rashes there! (Valerie) 

Hair: Here, There, Everywhere
My already thin hair became thinner.

A positive one for me (and my twin) loss of armpit hair (alas it was only temporary, but still

When I breastfed both kids I lost tons of hair. No one told me that could happen and it was a shock with the first baby. I almost had little bald patches in places that's how much hair I lost. It's still growing back so I have all these short bits around my face etc. So annoying!

And, maybe this is just growing older but I feel like I started growing more body hair after having my 2 kids. Like it grows faster now or something?

And All the Rest
No one tells you your body will never be just yours again! It starts with nursing and goes to being used as a ramp for toy trucks. Kids basically see your body as their property!

Here's one, but a good one-after my 2nd baby my eyesight actually improved! My optometrist told me to put my glasses in a drawer and leave them there! It's been 2 years glasses free, long may it last!
You will look more like your mother than you can possibly imagine.

My eye sight changed. I had perfect vision before, but now I have to have glasses to read pretty much anything, especially at night.
My feet grew a half size. My doctor told me they don't actually grown. It is more about the ligaments stretching.
I have Diastasis Recti from my 2nd pregnancy and after two more babies, it ain't pretty. No amount of exercise will make it go away, only surgery...major surgery.

My feet also grew half a size and now the majority of my shoes are too tight. most annoying!

That it might take you days to poop after you give birth.

Night sweats!!

After 2.5 years I still cannot lie on my right side in bed without feeling that I'm going to pass out-will ever go away?

Post c-section scar overhang! I've had three c-sections now and have my own little cliff! What with cliffs, undulations, sagging mounds, forests and unintended waterfalls I am my own little (or not so little now) environmental habitat! I actually did a post about nasal hair here.

I don't know who's body this is anymore - "it's certainly not mine"

Pelvis never went back into position so I can't lie on my belly for more than 3 minutes before the pain kicks in.  Rib cage didn't fuse back into position so there's a finger width gap there now... forever!!
That a pregnancy can actually throw off your thyroid gland so that you will need to take meds the rest of your life. 

Are you sure we should really share all this with yet-to-be moms -- they may never want to have kids.

So what about you?
What's something that no one told you
would happen to your post-baby body?

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