Thursday, February 14, 2013

the lite-brite bank: counting and dramatic play

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Bear {4 yrs} likes to play bank.  we usually play it with invisible money, a ring box, and our Fisher-Price Little People Garage. it's fun and i can incorporate learning into play it without him realizing it.

this time though, the bank dramatic play came about while we played with our Lite Brite cube. don't ask me why, but the ring box was on the table too {sure i'm not the only one with random objects strewn about the house by kidlets}.  so i suggested that we try playing bank with the lite brite.  we sat at opposite ends of the table.  i gave Bear a bunch of pegs to use as money.  he put them in the ring box and slid it down the table to me, like the vacuum systems the banks have.  then i took them out, counted them and put them in the drawer.  after a while, we switched places.

when it was Bear's turn to play the banker, i put some pegs in the container and slid it to him.  like we do with every transaction, he asked me if i wanted to put it in checking or saving.  here's an example of my answer when there were 8 pegs: "i'd like to put 6 in checking and the rest in savings."  so he would count out 6 and put them in the front drawer.  then i would ask how many were left to put in savings.  he'd count them and put them in the back drawer.  simple math practice while we played.

this bank dramatic play lasted for almost an hour and was actually quite entertaining for me even.  and of course, in true bank style, the last transaction included a lollipop.  

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