Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 children's books about art and creativity

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i love creative endeavors... especially when i get to do them with my favorite little artist.  many times, we take our cues for learning and art activities from books.  here are a few of our favorite inspirational books.

Ish, by Peter H. Reynolds, tells of a young boy named Ramon who struggles to create the "perfect" drawings, especially under the criticism of an older sibling.  It isn't until his little sister points out the value in his art that Ramon realizes his true talents.

The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, shares the story of Vashti, who is convinced that she can't draw.  With encouragement from her teacher, Vashti begins to explore all the creative things she can do with just one dot.
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Sky Color, by Peter H. Reynolds, is about Marisol, who is asked to help paint a mural in her school.  But when she can't find the blue paint, she's at a loss as to what she should use to paint the sky.  She then has to look for inspiration other than the stereotypical idea of what the sky should look like.

Dog Loves Drawing, by Louise Yates, depicts a book lover named Dog who receives a blank book in the mail.  He fills it with all types of drawings that he imagines himself in... including a monster he escapes from with the stroke of a pencil.

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!, by Karen Beaumont, is a hilarious book about a child who breaks out the paint when Mommy isn't looking.  colorful images of him painting himself in all different colors and designs are accompanied by bouncing and whimsical rhymes.
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A Piece of Chalk, by Jennifer A. Ericsson, follows the drawings of a little girl with a brand new box on chalk.  But when a rainstorm interrupts and ruins her drawings, a new revelation is found.

Crafty Chloe, by Kelly DiPuchio, gives a great example on how the best gifts truly come from the heart and that good can prevail.  Chloe wants to buy the latest trendy doll for her friend's birthday, but when a snooty girl beats her to it, Chloe is at a loss as to what to give.  That's when she realizes that she can use her skills to create the best present of all.

Art & Max, by David Weisner, is a brilliant piece of work featuring two reptile named Art and Max.  Art stands at the easel, painting a masterpiece while Max looks on, longing to paint.  Art's invitation to Max to try painting leads to an explosive problem that little Max must solve.
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Bridget's Beret, by Tom Lichtenheld, encourages children to rely on the artist within.  Bridget loves her beret and thinks that she's only able to create with it.  When a gust of wind blows it away, Bridget must find a hat of some sorts that gives her that same creative feeling.  It isn't until her little sister needs help with a lemonade stand sign that Bridget finds her artistic mojo.

I Absolutely Must Do Coloring Now or Painting or Drawing by Lauren Child is perfect for young readers who are fans of the Charlie and Lola series and also love creative endeavors.  Illustrated in all black and white, the book gives many prompts for readers/illustrators to add drawings or colors to the pictures. 
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