Thursday, March 21, 2013

apparently momma needs some wine

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i don't know where his comment came from.
i don't drink... we don't have alcohol in my house. 
my only guess is that he thought the bottles were small and cute? 
i have no idea...
but the other lady in the aisle was snickering away and trying to pretend she didn't hear anything. 
this is one of those for the scrapbook, that's for sure.
what's a funny quote from your kids?
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Sheri said...

Sure Andie.....m hmmmm.....Just kidding my friend! Out of the mouths of babes!

Unknown said...

I mean, maybe he was on to something? Ha ha just kidding.

KiahNicole said...

When I read this I actually laughed out loud...yes, it was funny, but the greatest thing is that my 5 year old daughter did the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago...except she said that SHE wanted that to drink, and it was because it was "such a cute little bottle"

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