Monday, March 18, 2013

kids spell it out: what are you good at?

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welcome to the Kids Spell It Out series! every monday will be a post filled with funny and adorable answers that kidlets give to questions. this week's question is:
What are you good at?


Bear {4} Crayon Freckles

I'm really good at dancing, singing, loving, and friending.
Savannah {8}

Playing the Wii.
Henry {6.5} Play Dr. Mom

Sweet Pea {3.5} The Iowa Farmer's Wife
I'm really good at video games and board games.  I'm pretty good at all kinds of games.
R {5} Childhood Beckons
Making my wrestlers fight.

Running, legos, and snowball fights.  And crafting!
Carter {6}

Playing cars.
Big Brother {4} Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails {FSPDT}

Playing trucks, garbage trucks, police cars, tractor trucks, fire trucks...
Monkey {3} All Done Monkey

Playing with toys.
Tessa {4}

Jossi {2} True Aim Education
Star Wars light sabers.
Emma {6} MamaSmiles

Honor {3.5} Play Dr. Mom

Preschool!  And I'm very nice to people.  Oh! And puzzles!
Aiden {4}

I'm really good at acting.
Ma {9} Kitchen Counter Chronicles
Being myself.
Aikman {6} Montessori Tidbits
I can love my mommy.
Aiden {4} True Aim Education

I'm good at my homework. I'm good at sharing sometimes. I'm good at sleeping in my own bed all night.
Tristan {5}

Making train tracks.
Baloo {6} Royal Baloo
Playing with my brother.
Emma {2} True Aim Education

Jedi gifts.  I'm good at Star Wars.
Johnny {5} MamaSmiles

Taking care of my dog, my baby, and my cat...oh, and I'm good at writing, too. 

I am really good at washing my hands.  Actually, I'm really good at drawing.
Char {7} Kitchen Counter Chronicles

I'm good at playing, and lots of other stuff like air hockey, and crafts, and spelling.
Riding a bicycle downhill really fast.
Royal {3} Royal Baloo
Digging and tying string.
Champ {3} Making Boys Men
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