Saturday, April 6, 2013

colors of faith Christian bracelet

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i've made these bracelets in so many different programs throughout the course of my life.  i've heard them called so many things: Colors of Faith bracelets, Witness bracelets, etc.  and i love them.  they are simple to make and an easy way to strike up conversation with people about Jesus Christ. 
we made them with our kiddos in preschool Sunday School a few weeks ago.  the only supplies needed are pony craft beads in each of the colors below and pipe cleaners or leather thread to string beads on.  each child got their pipe cleaners after i twisted the end to keep the beads from falling off.  we gave them a bead at a time.  as they got the color, we talked about what the color stands for and what it means to our lives.  once they were done, the kiddos were able to wear them. 

one of our littlest gave his bracelet to his junior-high aged brother {who then wore it to school and talked to his friends about it}.  my heart was so happy when i heard that!  these bracelets are great ways for children to be disciples and teach others about Christ.

here are the cards that i created for the kids to take home and share with their families.  under each color meaning is a Bible verse that relates to it.  please feel free to save the card and print it out for yourself, your children, or your class. 

the bracelets Bear and i made are in our car.  they make me smile when i see them because of all that their colors stand for.   
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