Thursday, April 18, 2013

tuesday book activities for children {free printable}

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the book Tuesday by David Weisner is one of our favorite books.  what makes it so great for children is that there are only a few words at the beginning and the end of the book.  and the only function of those words is to set the stage for what time it is. 
sink & float science activity
i found these small little plastic frogs on ebay for just a few bucks.  they are a bit larger than a quarter's size; perfect to use for learning activities.  for this activity, we used the small frogs and pieces of green craft foam cut out in the shape of lily pads.  then i filled up a small plastic shoe box with water and let Bear explore.  here are some questions that i asked during this activity:
  • Do the lily pads float? 
  • What about the frogs?
  • Will the frogs float if they're on the lily pads?
  • How many frogs can you fit on one lily pad before it sinks?

Bear seemed to enjoy experimenting and having playtime with the frogs in the water.  he did quite a bit of imaginative play until his fingers were all wrinkly and pruny.  as you can see in the picture below, he also had an assistant for his exploration.
when pigs fly physics activity
the fun image at the end gave us inspiration to try and make a pig actually "fly".  so we used the same setup that we did for our playdough catapult.  but instead of a playdough ball, we used a little plastic pig.  boy did that thing fly! 

paint the piggy bank
at the end of the book there are pigs, so painting a piggy bank seemed like a good fit. of course, the frogs supervised.

other learning activities we did for this book {but i didn't get pics} were:
  • exploring shadows with flashlights
  • talk about the units of time.  you can use this free printable below to do an activity.  to save, right click on image and click "save as"

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