Wednesday, May 8, 2013

80+ sensory bin ideas for preschoolers: add yours here!

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around our house, we love sensory bins.  they are a great way to incorporate whatever theme we are exploring and learning about or to just provide a great sensory play experience for
Bear {4.5 yrs} based on his current interests.
there are so many different ideas and materials that can be used for bins.  and the base of a sensory bin is easy and inexpensive to create using rice, dry pasta, beans, or corn.  bins can be tailored for your child's age, whether they are infants, toddlers, preschoolers, or even grade-schoolers.  they can be centered around colors, letters, or themes.
sensory bins can be set out as an invitation to play.  or they can be used for learning activities, as we've done in some of the ideas below.
here are some of the sensory bins that we've done
at Crayon Freckles:


 you can also see more sensory bin ideas i've found in the blogosphere on my
 but that's not enough...
i want to see your sensory bins!
so i'm inviting you to link up your sensory bins.
i only ask a few things:
sensory bins only please
link up as many of your sensory bins as you like
link up your sensory bin pinterest board {if you have one}
 if you'd like to share this post with your readers, that's appreciated, but not required.
i will be going through the links to share and/or pin all of the great ideas you share!
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