Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Building a Lego Birdhouse

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

We love birds.  We have quite a variety of feathered friends that visit our deck daily for a snack.  We've been wanting to build them some new digs to hang on the porch for quite some time now.  Especially since our other birdhouses have seen better days.  So we ordered a DIY Kid's Bird House Kit-94503 from The Home Depot website. It was under $10 and ordering online was easy and I got free shipping to the store.  Once it arrived, I got an email that it was ready for pickup. 

This week's project is building a birdhouse using the birdhouse kit that Home Depot sells.  The kit was inexpensive and the birdhouse plans were simple enough that Bear {4.5} was able to do it by himself, except for starting and holding the nails.  It took about half an hour to build and he was so proud of his handiwork. 
The original plan was for the birdhouse to look like a fire station.  But after Bear had gotten the whole thing painted red, I couldn't find any clip art for him to add to it that passed his approval.  And since it was his project, we explored another idea.
Legos are big in our house, so he decided to make a Lego birdhouse using big Lego stickers we got with some folders last year.  So, he repainted the birdhouse using some standard lego colors: red, blue, and green.  He wanted to use yellow, but it wouldn't cover the deep maroon from the firehouse fail. 

After the paint had dried, Bear was able to add his stickers whereever he chose.  To make the birdhouse weatherproof, Bear painted over the whole outside with Outdoor Mod Podge to seal it up.

Bear is so proud and excited to have built his own birdhouse using The Home Depot's birdhouse kit.  This weekend, we'll be hanging it up in the backyard.  I'll be interested to see just what feathered friend takes up roost in it.

What types of environments have you created for birds in your backyard?
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.
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