Monday, May 13, 2013

Kids Spell It Out: What 3 words describe your mom?

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welcome to the Kids Spell It Out series! every monday will be a post filled with funny and adorable answers that kidlets give to questions. this week's question is:
What 3 words describe your mom?

Kallista {2}

Pretty, lovey, good.
Aiden {4}

Andie's the best! {and} You don't suck.
Bear {4.5} Crayon Freckles
Funny, chef, skinny.
Audrey {5} True Aim Education
Big, big, big!  {mom is tall, lol}
Monkey {3} All Done Monkey

Love, hug, banana.
Big Brother {4} Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails {FSPDT}

I think you are beautiful, you are clever, and you play with me.
Jake (3.5} Creative Playhouse

Sunshine, nice, good.
Aiden {5} True Aim Education

I love you.
Elsie {5} Teach Beside Me

Great teacher... loving mom... and, let's see.... I love her!
Beck {8} Enchanted Homeschooling

Beautiful, snuggler, healthy
Savannah {8}

Nice, Mommy, careful.
Baloo {6} Royal Baloo

A fooder [good cook], a funny, a good reader.
Kelly, Mummy, Mama.
Dino Boy {4}
Happy Whimsical Hearts

Washing the dishes, loving, happy.
Tristan {5}
Beautiful, loving, angry.
Carter {6}
My mommy's hair is yellow.  Mommy likes green.  Mom is smart.
Elisabeth {6} Enchanted Homeschooling

You're beautiful, I love you, and you're sweet.
Priscilla{4} B-Inspired Mama

Loving, tender, kind, and true.
Brennan {8} Teach Beside Me

Beautiful, fun, silly.
Sawyer {6} B-Inspired Mama
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