Thursday, May 23, 2013

lessons learned while building our own dollhouse

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i've had this dollhouse kit in the garage since we lived at our apartment before The Sergeant and i got married.  i think i bought in...2004ish {??} marked down from $130 to $87.  i've always thought about building it, but never really got up the motivation.  Bear has seen it and asked about building it for the longest time.  there was one afternoon that i decided we'd just go for it. 
and so...
we built our own dollhouse!
i tried to add some hidden learning into our building by
encouraging dramatic play
we pretended that we were building an actual house.  of course, this meant that Bear wore his construction helmet.
practicing math and writing skills

we needed all of the pieces to be numbered so that we used the right ones.  using the diagram, i told Bear which pieces corresponded to each number.  then he wrote the number on the piece using a pencil.
encouraging critical thinking
because we have the dollhouse sitting on the floor, it's often hard to see the bottom level rooms in the evening.  so we created simple and cheap dollhouse lighting.  when we were at Dollar Tree, we saw these pop lights.  i asked Bear if he thought of anything we could use these for.  he followed my train of thought and said we could put them on the ceiling of the dollhouse.  i think that they're pretty awesome because they remind me of these lights a bit.
it isn't totally finished, so i'm not going to share the whole thing yet.  but that's coming soon!
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