Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Splish Splash Math

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I am excited to share with you an activity from my 12 Week Summer Learning Program.  If you like this activity, and are interested in filling your child's summer with more fun learning activities like this one, you won't want to miss my program.  You can learn more about it HERE.

Splish Splash Water Math

Subjects:  Math
Time:  15+ min.
Suggested Materials:
  • Kiddie Pool or Big Bucket
  • Containers and Cups of Various Sizes and Shapes
  • Water
Use water and containers of various shapes and sizes to investigate volume!  This is a great activity for a hot, summer day, but can also be done in the bath tub any time of the year.

You will need several containers of various sizes and shapes.  Your recycling will likely have lots of things perfect for this activity.  Avoid using anything that is potentially breakable, sharp, or has not been cleaned.  Plastic containers are best!  Put the containers near a kiddie pool (or large bucket of water) and allow your child to begin investigating!

Ask your child to determine the following:
  • Compare two containers to decide which holds more and which holds less.
  • Find the container that holds the most.
  • Find the container that holds the least.
  • Find all of the containers that hold the same volume.
  • How many of the smallest container will fit inside the largest container?
  • Line up the containers from least volume to greatest.
  • Find two containers you believe hold the same amount of water and then test to see if they really do.
  • Discover how the width and height of a container affects how much it will hold.
  • Fill each container once and dump it into a large bucket to see how much water the containers hold all-together.

Activity Extensions:
Add food coloring to the water.  Start with a container holding red, one with yellow, and one with blue.  Can your child create orange, green, and purple?  What combinations did they have to use to create these colors?
Add a measuring cup.  Have your child calculate the volume of each container using the measuring cup.  They can record the volume on paper, or use a Sharpie marker to write the volume on each container.
Add a challenge.  How much water is required to fill each of the containers, all-together?  Is this more or less than the water you have in your mini-pool or bucket?

From Week 6 ~ Beach Party of the 12 Week Summer Learning Program


Rachel Harwood is a lover of crafting, teaching, and children. For the last two years, her family has lived in China, where they have had a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the world first hand. She has three children, which inspire her creations at her blog, SunScholars.com. She is also the creator of a fabulous Summer Learning Program to keep young minds active over the summer months.

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