Tuesday, June 11, 2013

car bocce ball

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i don't remember how exactly this game came about.  it was an uneventful day when Bear {4.5} was bored beyond belief and not at all interested in playing with any of his toys.  at the time, we were playing with Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars and our Fisher-Price Little People Garage .  then the idea popped into my head....we could play bocce ball with the cars. 
we set up the Little People Garage so that the ramp was pointed towards a shelf.  we each picked out 6 cars to use. 
here are the rules for car bocce ball:
  • set up a ramp approximately 3 feet from the end mark.  (ours was a shelf, but you could also use a piece of masking tape)
  • players take turns sending their cars down the ramp, with the end mark being where their car must pass.
  • when the player's car reaches the end mark, they receive one point.
  • player's cars may bump into the other's car, sending it forward
  • if a player #1's car bumps and moves the other player #2's car (or vice versa) across the end mark, the player's car that crossed the mark gets a point.
  • if a player's car makes the end mark in one move, they get 2 points.
  • whoever has the most points after all cars have been played, wins that round.
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