Friday, June 14, 2013

delivery truck words: milk cap phonics

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Bear {4.5} can sometimes be hard to get involved in learning activities.  to meet this challenge, i have to create activities that center around his favorite things: anything with wheels.  we have used our alphabet milk caps and simple word flashcards to practice the alphabet and spelling words in our Little Blue Truck and Garbage Truck phonics activities.  however, using just the milk caps alone has become boring to him.  a few months ago, he made a moving truck at The Home Depot's free Kids Build It seminar.   his joy over his creation inspired me to create an invitation to play and learn utilizing the truck.
i pulled out some of our simple word flash cards and set I out the milk caps that corresponded to each card on a baking sheet.

for the activity, our dining room table bench seat was used as a delivery route for the truck to follow and "deliver" the letters to each card.  i placed the cookie sheet at one end and the flash card at the opposite end.  this allowed Bear to chose a card, "drive" the truck down the the milk caps on the cookies sheet and fill the delivery truck with the letters corresponding to each word on.  due to his age, he went from the word's beginning to the end, choosing one letter at a time. 

then he "drove" the caps to the cards and spelled out the word. he really seemed to enjoy this activity and completed about fifteen cards.  we have also repeated this activity a few times since then. 

because i used my son's current interests to introduce a learning activity, he was able to enjoy imaginative play while practicing literacy skills.  it's a win-win situation.
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