Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY Wood Planter turned Transportation Book Bin

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I was so excited when we were invited by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to participate in a craft challenge based on the 72 kid-friendly crafts in the Cape Discovery catalog. After looking through all of the great crafts, we decided to create our own version of their Jungle Window Box. After we got our $25 gift card from them, we set to shopping and picked up our supplies {below}.

Confession: If it's green and in dirt, I'll kill it.  I am a certified, self-proclaimed black thumb.  I loved the idea of decorating a planter, but wanted to make it something that we could use everyday, since our crazy Midwest weather goes through so many extremes. 
So we decided to turn the planter box into a book box for our favorite, everyday reads.  
To start out, Bear painted the inside and outside of the box with lime green acrylic paint.   It took two coats, plus some spot touch-ups by me.  I used frog tape to mark out the lines for the gray paint to create roads.  The hardest part for Bear was deciding which of the wooden vehicle decorations we bought to use on the side of the box. He laid them out and rearranged them several times until he got them just right.  I also used some black paint and buttons from Jo-Ann's button selection to create a stoplight for the working trucks to stop at. 

It might not grow plants, but it will grow literacy skills, right?


And if you sign up for the Jo-Ann Crafts newsletter, they'll give you a 20% off coupon.


You can also find Jo-Ann Crafts on Pinterest.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts Stores.
All opinions are mine. The only compensation I received was a $25 gift card for supplies.
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