Tuesday, October 15, 2013

firefighter sensory bin

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Bear {5} is and has been obsessed with firetrucks and emergency vehicles for several years now.  i'm not sure why we haven't done a firefighter sensory bin yet.  i actually haven't put a new one together in a while as other activities have taken up our time. 
when Bear saw the new bin, he was ecstatic.  for an invitation to play, i set up the bin to be visually appealing.  i didn't, however, expect it to stay that way.  i wanted him to have free reign for what his imagination could come up with.

the materials i used were:
you can see below how i set it up.  the black gems and glitter pom poms represent a fire.  the extra large safety cone and hat were not necessarily part of the sensory bin, but something for him to use for himself during play.

Fire Chief Bear was so excited, he dove right into play rescuing people and putting out fires.
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