Friday, July 12, 2013

five little monkeys: math activity

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the five little monkeys rhyme is one that i think just about every child knows.  there are several books that chronicle their mischievous adventures.  these books make for a great basic 5 little monkeys math activity.
to prep for the activity, i pulled out some monkey head erasers that we used here.  we also used the foam tree from our Otis the Tractor book activities.
using wooden puzzle pieces and plus/minus/equals paper squares, Bear {4.5} practiced simple math where the sums and differences were no greater than five {to incorporate the 5 little monkeys}.  

after i had set up the problem, Bear was able to find the answer using the erasers as a math manipulative.

i hope you have fun monkeying around with this activity as much as we did!  {you didn't think you were gonna get away without a bad joke, did you?}

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