Friday, August 9, 2013

Build Healthy Snacking Habits with Green Giant Veggie Chips

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We are a family of snackers.  Our busy schedules often find us grabbing snacks as we head out the door or to curb hunger while we bustle about doing our daily activities.  Ensuring those snacks are healthy is something that's proved to be quite a challenge.  That's where the new Green Giant™ Roasted Garden Ranch Veggie Tortilla chips and Multigrain Sweet Potato Barbeque chips come into play. But first...
Here are some tips on how to build healthy snack habits for yourself and your kids:
Choose healthy options
Opt for healthy alternatives to salty, fatty snacks such as grapes, fresh fruits, veggies, homemade trail mix, organic fruit strips, or chips made with vegetables as ingredients. 
Add some color
It's no secret that some of the healthiest foods to eat are the most colorful ones: bright orange carrots, lush blueberries, deep red apples, rich dark green broccoli.  Meals and snacks that include a variety of naturally-occurring colors not only appeal to the eye, but they offer wonderful nutritional benefits.  Eating them plain isn't always for everyone, but a small cup of fat-free ranch dressing or peanut butter to dip in can add more appeal to little snackers.
Pre-portion snacks
Fill small snack-sized zipper bags with a serving of each snack that you offer.  These can be placed in an accessible spot, like a bowl on the counter, so they can be easily grabbed in lieu of other not-so-healthy choices
Ditch the junk food
While there is a wide variety of individual portioned snacks available at the store, many of them aren't health-conscious.  And I will admit that we, like a lot of families, often choose convenience over content.  It's so much easier to grab a snack bag of cookies or a few packets of sugary fruit snacks.  This is the hardest habit we are working to break.
Choose foods with healthy ingredients

There are several snack options on the market that are made with better health in mind by using less salt, less fat, and more natural ingredients.  The problem is, that sometimes good taste is compromised.  That's not the case with the new Green Giant™ Roasted Garden Ranch Veggie Tortilla chips and Multigrain Sweet Potato Barbeque chips. 
I can't even tell you how good these chips are!  The picture below says it all.  Bear {4.5} is a picky eater with very selective tastes, especially when it comes to chips.  He couldn't even wait for me to set up a shot before he came back for more.  Green Giant™ Veggie Snack Chips are not a replacement for real vegetables, but it makes me feel better to know that he's eating a snack that has vegetables on the ingredients list instead of greasy, salty potato chips.
Each day gives us new opportunities to make healthy eating choices.  Some days our family does better than others.  By following these tips we can continue to be better about making food choices that are better to our bodies.  And with the new Green Giant™ Roasted Garden Ranch Veggie Tortilla chips and Multigrain Sweet Potato Barbeque chips, we have super yummy healthy options when snack time arrives. 
What are some healthy options your family likes to snack on?
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