Wednesday, August 14, 2013

how to organize legos and lego activities collection

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legos... they are both a parent's best friend and worst enemy.
the pro: they allow our children to let their imagination loose and build, build, build
the cons: they make a quick mess and hurt like a B when you step on one.
our legos were a mess.  they were all thrown into a plastic tub.  not only was it hard to find specific pieces, they also made an ear-irritating noise when we dug through them.
enter four inexpensive plastic drawers. 
they allowed me to organize our legos by type, which solved both problems in one fell swoop.  see?
i used the small red and blue flat containers to hold specialty pieces like clear blocks, doors, windows, and the like.  these are the groupings in the drawers:
 hopefully my pictures say it all. these are our before and after shots. 

and now i'd like to invite you to link up any and all of your lego related posts!

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