Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 Tips for Creating a Work Station for Kids

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Bear has needed a decent work station at the house for some time now.  We have a foldable table that we use, but I thought that a "real" desk might help him get into his preschool activities more. I have a rough-looking desk that I scored at a garage sale for $2. 
After a few coats of white spray paint, some Velcro, and a length of bright colored fabric, I created a much needed area that provides space for him to work and an area to hide lesser used items underneath. 
Here are some tips for creating
a kid-friendly work and/or learning station. 
keep most used items in easy access
These are the items that you see on the desk in the picture below.  Most notably, the markers in the flower pot and the I Spy books under the globe.  We also put a shaker sensory bottle on the desk in case he needed something to keep his hands busy or to mess with during a break.
display the child's work
Letting Bear pick what projects from preschool, Sunday school, and homeschool makes him happy and boosts his confidence.  It also allows him to "own" his space.  You can display it in whatever way works best for you.  You can use a bulletin board or an old empty frame (like we did) to create a display space.
follow children's organization
Ever go into someone's home or office and look for something in the place that you would put it?  It's tough for me.  By allowing Bear to express his preferences in where things are put, they're easier for him to find because they're based on his logic. 
easy to access storage
Like many, we've got more learning and craft materials than we have room for.  It was important for me to create something that would allow for storage that was friendly to the eyes.  What i came up with was to refinish the desk and to attach a fabric skirt on the desk.  Bear loves the fabric because he thinks it looks like a blue giraffe.  I attached it underneath with Velcro so that the items underneath could be easily accessed without risking it getting ripped.
looks count
This space before was an eye sore... A mess that made me feel anxious just looking at it.  The new set up makes me smile.  It's so pretty that I want to set my laptop on it and write away.
Work stations are great for kids because they create a space designated for focused work. All the supplies are readily on hand, which eliminates the need to get up and down. I'd love t see how you organize your spaces! Share your links or pictures in the comments!

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