Thursday, September 12, 2013

playdough activities for kids: read & link

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Bear {5} loves playdough.  i love playdough.  it's just good fun.  so i thought i thought i'd share some of our favorite playdough activities, a great playdough activities ebook, and give you a chance to link up your playdough posts.
i think that the most fun activity we've done with play-doh was to make a play-doh catapult
then there's the time that chocolate playdough became mud.
in our bird unit, Bear made a bird's nest using playdough and sticks.
Bear especially loved when we created our own playdough construction site using CandyLand figures.
we've also used playdough to explore shells and ocean animals.  and to create another play-doh construction site with wooden blocks.
NurtureStore has a great ebook called The Homemade Playdough Recipe Book that has a year's worth of playdough fun all in an easy to download format.  i've got a copy for us.  it's really nice to be able to open up the file and just pick an activity to explore and have fun with.  you can buy your copy here for $8.99.
and now, here's your turn to share your fun playdough activities:

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