Friday, October 11, 2013

Jeremiah and the Potter {Bible Activities for Kids}

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the story
God spoke to Jeremiah and told him that he was chosen to talk to the Israelites about how they were straying from God.  God told Jeremiah to go to a potter's house, where he saw a potter working on a misshapen clay pot.  As the pot was not turning out right, the potter started over using the same lump of clay.  God told Jeremiah that His people were able to be changed just like the clay was. 
the activity
The kids painted their own terra cotta pots.  As they painted, we talked on the following conversation points:
  • What is something that you've messed up?
  • Were you able to go back and do it the right way?
  • What are ways that we can allow God to shape us like clay?
For older children, instead of simply painting pots, you could provide the material to make pinch pots or coil dough pots
taking the lesson home
When they left, each child got a small tub of playdough.  On the outside of the container, I taped small slips of paper that read, God is the potter and I am His clay, which is based on Jeremiah 18:6-8.  This was a great way to share with parents what our lesson topic for the day way and provide a hands-on activity for them to do at home to further explore the story of Jeremiah.

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