Tuesday, November 12, 2013

homemade forts and tents for kids

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now that it's getting chillier out, i'm on the hunt for some great ways to expand our fun indoors.  there's little that measures up the excitement of having a fort inside the house.  they can be made out of items that we all have around the house. 

here are a few that we've made...
i think that one of the magical things about building forts with kids is that you start with chairs, a table, blankets, etc and end up with a secret hide-out that can be used all day long.  
here are a few much more amazing ideas from some super bloggers to inspire your homemade forts:
3. The Pleasantest Thing's towel fort via hands on learn as we grow
what do you use to create awesome indoor forts with your kiddos?
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