Saturday, November 23, 2013

Leaf People Art Project for Preschoolers

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Fall is amazing in that leaves provide such a wide opportunity for activities with children. When we were coming out of my son's preschool the other day, we found two HUGE leaves blowing in the wind.  So we chased them down and took them home to use for art.  We ended up deciding to make leaf people out of them.  Here's how we did it...
At first, we painted our leaves with the designs that we wanted.
After the paint dried, we broke out the googly eyes and glued them on to give our leaf people a bit of expression.
 My son didn't think that his leaf person was totally finished without some glitter glue to dazzle it up!
After our leaf people finally dried, we did a little puppet show with them.  Free fall fun.  You can't beat that!!
 I'd love to see any leaf crafts you've done!
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