Sunday, December 1, 2013

Children's Books About Death

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Right now we're going through another season in our house.  One of Bear's friends from church, an older lady, has passed away.  Bear {5 yrs} adored his Miss Joanie and looked forward to seeing her at Sunday School and worship each week, and on Mondays when he left preschool.  We had some forewarning that she wasn't doing so well, so I was able to sort of prepare Bear on the whole situation.  Here are a few books on death and dying that we've read as well as a couple others. 
Rabbit does so many things that the other rabbits don't necessarily understand, but it's what makes Rabbit so special.  One day, Rabbit is nowhere to be found.  Left behind are all of his instruments, art supplies, and other belongings that allow the other rabbits to explore and celebrate Rabbit's life with.
The Invisible String
We are all tied to each other with an "invisible string of love".  This book is one of my new favorites because it is beyond precious and really shares the concept with children that loves really does surpass space and time.
God Gave Us Heaven
Little Cub is curious about what Heaven is like, so her dad explains that it's a wonderful place where there is no sadness and God rejoices in having us there with Him.  Little Cub then asks many questions about all the aspects of Heaven and life there. 
I'll Always Love You
Elfie, a devoted dachshund, and her little boy are inseparable. But when Elfie dies, the little boy is left to deal with his family.  This book would be beneficial to families who've lost a pet.
The Next Place
This book is full of beautiful prose and artwork surrounding the gloriousness and beauty of what can be expected of Heaven.  It is a place without pain, worry, or sorrow... And this book addresses that perfectly. 

Badger's Parting Gifts
When Badger dies, his friends are sad but when they start to think of their memories of Badger, they find peace and are able to fully celebrate his life and all he did for them.
Kate doesn't understand why her mom is so sad.  When she finds out that it's because her great-grandmother has gone to Heaven.  Kate's mom then explains to her what we think Heaven is like.  This book is also full or gorgeous watercolors.  I would recommend this book for older children, though, because it's pretty wordy.



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