Monday, December 9, 2013

Peace Christmas Wreath {Random Crafts of Kindness}

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When we first started talking about creating a random craft of kindness for someone, I knew exactly who my son and I could make something for.  We had a wonderful lady at our church named Joanie who was such a blessing in Bear's life.  Joanie handed out cookies after worship service, taught Sunday School, and served our church in so many other ways.  Bear looked forward to seeing  her in the office when I dropped him off at preschool on Mondays.  Joanie always seemed to get such a kick out of Bear and he just loved to make her smile.  So I thought that we could make a pretty Christmas wreath for her.
Notice I said all of that in past tense?  As we were in mid-process of making the wreath, sweet Joanie passed away, leaving a hole in our church family.  Bear was 5 years old and was remarkably accepting of all of this, with no questions.  Based on what we've spoke of before, he understood that we are given perfectly functioning bodies in Heaven.  While, the sadness of Joanie's passing could be registered on his face, his first comment was, "Well, at least she gets to meet Jesus and doesn't need her wheelchair anymore."  Oh, the simple and deep faith of childhood... 
Now, that I'm a little teary, I should probably share how we made this lovely wreath.... We got all of the supplies below for less than $20.

Materials Needed:
styrofoam wreath form
burlap ribbon
wooden peace sign
wooden stars
floral bead sprays
silver permanent marker
silver glitter glue
hot glue gun
craft glue

How we made it:
My son colored the peace sign and some of the wooden stars using a silver permanent marker. 
We painted the Styrofoam wreath form tan to prevent any of the white from showing through from underneath the burlap ribbon. 
Then came the wrapping of the Styrofoam wreath form.  {Sorry I didn't get any pictures of this, it's a two-handed job}.  To keep the end piece of burlap attached to the wreath form, I hot-glued it.  I wrapped it tightly while Bear handed me the bundle of wrap through the hoop over and over and over. 
The felt flowers were a momma craft.  I made them using a spiral cut.  As I rolled them, I kept a line of craft glue going so that they wouldn't come apart on me.  After all of the felt flowers had dried, we were able to arrange them.  Before they were hot glued down, I wedged the bead sprays underneath a piece of burlap and hot glued them in place.
The final product was just beautiful.
So what to do with the wreath?  Funny enough, we had thought the "Peace" message of the wreath would be a great way to tie into the whole "sleep in heavenly peace" part of Silent Night.  Turns out, the message of peace the wreath shares means much, much more than that.  And we hang it every year in remembrance of the Joy that Joanie brought my son.
Sending prayers for all of you who are hurting and struggling for peace this holiday season. 

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