Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowman Cutting Practice and Craft {Winter Activity}

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I know that Bear {5 yrs} has been working on cutting in preschool, but I hadn't seen him in action in quite some time {and I'm not one to just turn education over to the school and walk away}.  So I set up an invitation for him to both practice his cutting and to be creative by creating a paper snowman.
To set up the activity, I traced 3 different sized circles on white paper.  I also drew a triangle on an orange piece of paper.  The additional supplies I provided were ribbon, buttons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and stickers. 
When Bear asked what the project was, I had it laid out like in the top picture in this post.  I simply offered that with all the supplies there, I bet he could make something.   He responded "A snowman!" And then he quickly went to work, with a vision in his head. 
After he cut out the circles, he set about assembling his snowman.  
his wasn't the most extravagant activity, but it allowed him to practice cutting and make a fun little project while he was at it.

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