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Books About Having a New Baby

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As you might remember, we announced that we are having a new little one in our family at the end of spring.  So, we're doing all kinds of prep reading to get my son {5 yrs} ready for his new little sister.  Here are some of the books about having a new baby we've been reading.
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But I Wanted a Baby Brother!
Oliver is super excited to get a baby brother, so his disappointment is really strong when he ends up with a baby sister instead.  Oliver uses his wits to do whatever it takes to end up with a sister.  soon enough, though, Oliver realizes that the little bundle has a special place in their family... even if she's a girl.  (due to the length of this book, it's better for children that are a little older).
Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth!
Sophie Peterman tells it like it is.  she doesn't pull any punches... especially when it comes to exposing the truth behind the gross, not-cuteness of babies.  This book is quite humorous and the author really has captured the voice of a child in the narration.

Lola Reads to Leo
Lola loves books, so it's no surprise that her mom uses them to prepare her for her new little brother.  Once the baby is born, Lola shares her love of reading with her baby brother.
Otto Grows Down
Otto is struggling with life with a  new baby sister.  So for his birthday wish, he wishes that she hadn't been born.  His wish comes true with a shocking twist... not only is she gone, but he starts growing younger and younger.  It takes a big realization on Otto's part to stop the clock from ticking backwards and to return life to how it should be. 
Will It Be a Baby Brother?
A little boy wonders if his mom will have a little boy or a little girl.  He really hopes that the baby will be a little brother that he can share some of his favorite toys with.  When he finally meets the new addition to his family, he finds out that he has actually gotten the sibling that he wanted all along.
If It Weren't for You
Life is different as an only child.  So it's not hard for a young girl to find all the great things that she could do if it weren't for her little sister.  But then she realizes a few reasons why having her little sister around is a good thing.
Brand-New Baby Blues
This book follows a little girl as she reminisces about life before her baby brother, comparing and contrasting how great her life used to be and its current melancholy state.  It's tough for her to share her parents, her old clothes, and even her crib with the new little one and she finds herself overwhelmed with anger and sadness.  After thinking a lot, she realizes that there might be a few good things about the new baby... especially that he won't always be a baby!
Baby Baby Blah Blah Blah!
The thought of having a new baby in the house is concerning to Emily, so she lists the pros and cons.  Highest on her list is the con of having to hear people talking about the baby all the time.  When she's done, her parents share a pro on their list about another baby who came into their family.  This helps Emily to understand that having a new baby in their house is going to be a good thing.  But there's a surprise ending!
The New Baby
Little Critter is a classic children's book character, which is one of the reasons why this book is so great.  In this adventure, Little Critter is faced with trying to figure out how to deal with his baby sister.  She doesn't respond to his words and actions like he expects her too.  Eventually though, he figures out how to relate to her.
The books in this series are some of my favorites ever.  This book is a sequel to God Gave Us You, and shows Little Cub asking question after question about the new baby that is coming into their family.  His mom and dad answer the questions so eloquently (as the books in this series do) and put emphasis on the fact that every child has a special place in their family.

What are some ways your prepared your kids for a new sibling?

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