Wednesday, January 8, 2014

going on an alphabet hunt {exploring first letter sounds in preschool}

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having a kiddo in the house that is learning how to read keeps me on my toes and always on the lookout for an easy preschool activity that teaches reading skills.  since Bear loves a good scavenger hunt, i created a little first letter sounds hunt for him to do around the house this past summer.  (this activity is actually from June when he was 4.5 yrs old)
we used the laminated alphabet sheet that i created for our milk caps alphabet activity last year. Bear put it on a clipboard and went around the house trying to find items that started with each letter.  after he found each item he either brought it to me or came and told me about it so i could verify that he'd gotten the right letter.  then he would cross off the appropriate letter with a dry erase marker.  he really got into the activity, right down to going and getting his pith helmet to wear.  after he went through the alphabet once, he wiped off all the marker and did it again.  i think it's safe to say that he loved his almost as much as our letter sounds scavenger hunt from a couple years ago.
this was a fun activity for Bear to do...not only did he practice his pre-reading skills, but he had fun as well.  he was occupied with it for about 30 minutes.. this is even an activity that we could do on walks, road trips, or as we go around town doing errands.  since his reading skills have developed a bit from the time we did this activity, i think i might revamp it for him to do again.  
what are some of your favorite ways to teaching reading skills?

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