Friday, January 17, 2014

writing in the snow {small motor and literacy activity}

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Bear {5 yrs} has developed a thirst for learning to read and write, so i'm trying to offer as many different experiences as i can to further his development.  last year, i used spray snow to create a template on the window for him to practice tracing his letters.  our latest activity was one that he really seemed to enjoy since we don't have any real snow outside right now.  he practiced writing his upper and lower case letter in "snow" {was really flour}. 
i poured enough flour onto a baking sheet to create a half inch layer of flour on the pan.  to determine what letter Bear wrote, i set out a small stack of flashcards for him to draw from.  after he chose the card, he identified the letter and wrote it out in the flour.  the nice thing about the consistency of the flour is that if he messed up, a gentle side-to-side shake of the tray smoothed it out so he could start over.

every now and then, i would have to stop Bear and help him with the order the letter was written in and the directionality of the lines.  i haven't done this much in the past, because i didn't want to make him feel discouraged or like i was diminishing his efforts.  but he's confident enough now to be able to take constructive comments from me in stride. 
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