Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Have a Ball Valentine bag topper free printable {valentine's kids can make}

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We are gearing up for Bear's first Valentine's Day party, which means a super fun valentine for all of his classmates. I had wanted to do something cute with him, but we hadn't come up with anything until the other day.  That's where this super cute ball Valentine's Day bag topper {label} comes in.

Iwanted to stay away from candy, so when I saw these bouncy balls at Target (on clearance, even!), I  ran my idea past Bear and he loved it!  All that we needed was the balls, some snack-sized Ziploc bags, and this "I hope you have a ball this Valentine's Day!" printable pictured below. (To get it for yourself, just right click and choose to "Save As".)

After I printed the bag topper and Bear signed his name on the back,  I cut it out on the lines with a paper slicer and folded it in half. Bear put the ball into the bag and zipped it shut (insert a little fine motor skill practice).  then we sandwiched the paper topper around the top of the sandwich bag and Bear stapled it on.  The result was a super cute way for him to say Happy Valentine's Day to his friends.

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