Friday, May 23, 2014

Jungle Activities for Preschoolers

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A while back, I found some super cute jungle animal erasers in the dollar section at Target.  We've used them in several activities, but these jungle ones were Bear's favorites.  {I'm super late in posting these activities.  They were done when Bear was 4 yrs old}
To practice fine motor skills, I mixed the erasers and some shredded green paper in a tub.  Bear got to "save" the animals by using kitchen tongs. 
After he had saved all of the animals from the trouble in the jungle, he sorted them out by type in a muffin tin to practice some basic math skills.
We also explored pattern-making with the animal erasers.  I started each pattern by placing 4 erasers down.  Then Bear was able to complete the patterns using the rest of the erasers.  I set patterns in AB/AB, ABB/ABB, and ABC/ABC format. 
Once we were done with those activities, Bear even came up with one of his own using animal-striped craft pom poms, two of his plastic giraffes, a beaded necklace, and a plastic tub.  Jungle ball was easy to play and very fun because he got such a kick out of the fact that he made up an activity for me to do.  The goal was to throw the little craft balls through the necklace the giraffes were holding and have it land in the plastic tub behind them.
We actually ended up doing this activity for the longest of them all.  It was fun and challenging for both of us.  Again, I think the most fun part of it was the fact that he came up with the idea.
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