Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Talk about Faith with Children

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Recently, a friend was in a quandary about choosing the right school to provide a religious education for her children. She explained that she doesn’t feel that she knows enough to provide that sort of education for her children. I can relate. I don’t feel equipped nor do I know how or where to start teaching my children about Jesus and God. The important thing is that I start. I need to make the effort. We can learn together. 

I found a great book to get us started on our spiritual journey.  It is God and Me, a child-centered way of learning about God’s love by Penny Boshoff. It features pictures of real kids doing real kid things. There are 365 daily devotions, a prayer, and a simplified bible scripture with its location in the bible.  

Every day, my daughters and I begin our time by predicting what they think our devotional is about based upon the picture. Next, we read and discuss the devotional. I ask lots of questions to generate discussions, check for understanding, and clear up anything they aren’t sure about. We read the scripture provided and talk about what it means. Then, I locate the scripture in my Bible. I have explained to my girls that scripture has its own special address/location similar to our house. We read and discuss the actual scripture. Lastly, we pray the prayer for the day. At the end of our day, I revisit what we learned during devotional time and ask how they were able to use what we learned throughout their day. This process doesn’t take much time. We spend maybe 10 minutes doing it. For us, it works. My girls are 3 and 5, so their attention spans are limited.
I hope this helps those of you who aren’t sure where to begin. For those of you, who have a great way of teaching your kiddos, please share. We would love your ideas to help us on our parenting and spiritual journeys.

Rebecca Rodriguez is a stay at home mom of two incredible girls. Previously a first grade teacher, she uses her skills as an educator to help navigate this adventure called parenting.

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