Friday, October 24, 2014

Welcoming Little Miss Sunny

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It occurred to me the other day that I had never properly introduced our new little one.... Life has been crazy these past 4 months as we've adjusted to life with 3. 

Her birth was an easy one.  I actually wasn't even sure that I was actually in labor until the contractions started coming less than 5 minutes apart.  We ended up speeding to the hospital in the wee hours.  She was born about 15 minutes after we got to the hospital.  I'm very thankful that we didn't wait any longer to go, or she would've been born in the car. The most amazing part was that she was born in the caul.  That's where the baby is born in the amniotic sac.  So glad I didn't wait for my water to break, because it never did!

Since her birth, I've been trying to keep my head above water in all things domestic.  There's always a load of laundry to wash or fold, dishes to put away, clutter to pick up, or floors to clean.  I keep telling myself that I'll get back to blogging regularly, but it just hasn't worked out that way.  I know that you understand completely when I say that there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to.  For right now, being a momma and loving on this little angel is my main focus, so I hope you all understand.  But there will be a new post every week, so make sure that you're still stopping by to check.
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